Why is Monstera Deliciosa Leave not unfurling? How To Fix?

Monstera leaf not unfurling

There are many reasons: “why is Monstera leaf not unfurling”? Don’t worry too much. Let’s determine the specific cause first, then join us to fix the problem with the following solutions. How long does it take Monstera leaves to unfurl? There is no one-size-fits response to this question because it is heavily influenced by your surroundings. Your … Read more

Can Monstera Deliciosa live outside? Tips to make them thrive outdoor

can monstera live outside

Growing Monstera outdoors is quite popular, but what conditions need to be ensured for Monstera to grow well outdoors? If Monstera survives outdoors and what problems should you pay attention to? Can Monstera Deliciosa live outside? The answer is yes. It’s a surprise. But you can ultimately grow Monstera outdoors, but there are a few … Read more