When it comes to having a successful garden, there are several components that come into play. Elements such as a good design, proper installation, and keeping it well maintained are just a few of them. To really understand a space, we recommend that you visit it regularly at different times of the day. Observe how the light changes during the day, how the shadows move. Is there a breeze? Grasping a sense of presence of the location, especially focusing on those moments of the day when you intend to spend the most time there, is key to planning your area. To help make the evaluation process more efficient, we provide our customers with our Landscape Questionnaire, and we ask that you take it into the space to be discussed. Visiting multiple times throughout a day, and tuning in to the foibles and idiosyncrasies of the area will assist you in answering these questions, and in turn provide you with enlightenment and inspiration. Here is your link to Landscape questionnaire.


DIG Nursery's Sylvia Matlock and Ross Johnson are a design-build team offering landscaping, container garden design, and consultation services. In the span of 20 years, we've created dozens of uniquely beautiful gardens, with spaces ranging from intimate patios and estates of several acres, to re-vegetation of native ravines.

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