“Exuberantly and expertly planted"
~ Horticulture Magazine

“Gorgeous modernist bravado”
~ Valerie Easton of Seattle Times

High on a waterfront bluff, is Sylvia and Ross’ contemporary ‘live-in garden’ home. With spectacular views over the SW Puget Sound, it is hard to believe this vibrant masterpiece is just 30 minutes from Seattle and Tacoma. Critical acclaim such as “Exuberantly and expertly planted” or “Gorgeous modernist bravado” from Horticulture Magazine and the Seattle Times exemplify the ethos of the work that Matlock and Johnson so elegantly accomplish.

They consider every environment where they function – be it in the living room or yard, home or work – to be an ever developing creative laboratory, where the often traditional boundaries between ‘inside and out’ are blurred, and concepts like ‘form and function’ take on new meaning.

Matlock says of her work and inspiration, “Our vocabulary for the landscape is vast and always being refreshed by our travels, architecture, fashion, furniture etc., but mostly functionality and flow are our greatest goals.” Evolving experiments with plants help Sylvia discover the right microclimates that allow unusual combinations to work together. “Whenever possible we honor the site” says Sylvia. “It’s all about contrast and relationships as well as being environmentally appropriate and sustainable. I then think about structural accents to define and entice the viewer in.”